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The wines of Padenghe sul Garda

The vineyards of Valtenesi produce high quality grapes and a wide range of wines, especially reds, with excellent organoleptic qualities and an alcohol content of around 11° - 12°. In the variety of grapes grown, Groppello is the most representative vine: a red grape variety considered an oenological rarity, as it is grown only in Valtènesi, which is the basis of all red and rosé wines of this area.

Garda Classico Chiaretto

It is certainly the most original and characteristic wine of the Denomination, unique in its very pleasant characteristics, obtained from the red grapes of the Garda Classico red, but vinified in such a way as to obtain a rosé wine with a 'rose petal' color. It differs from the rosé wines of the rest of the world for its surprising floral and wild fruit aromas, accompanied by the right acidity that determines a great freshness of taste sensation, and by a structure that for a rosé is to be defined as exceptional. Wine to be drunk young to fully appreciate its bursting typicality, it is perfectly suited to several delicate and summer dishes to tasty fish, white meats even quite spicy, appetizers, cooked vegetables and sweet cured meat.

Garda Classico Rosso Superiore

Obtained from the combined vinification of Groppello (min.30%), Marzemino (min.5%), Barbera (min.5%) and Sangiovese (min.5%), it marries local varieties (Groppello and Marzemino) and international ones (Barbera and Sangiovese) to capture the best of the viticultural and enological potential of the area in a synthesis of particular typicality. A well-structured wine which, if young, is a rich complement to simple lunches, while in the Superior type (minimum alcohol content of 12°), aged to regulate its features at least one year, it accompany very well red meat or game dishes, the Brescia spit, up to more elaborate dishes of the great national and international cuisine.


Garda Classico Groppello and Groppello Riserva

It is the most typical wine of the area, a delicate and ready-to-drink red, spiced with fruity notes, velvety and pleasant, which goes well with savory first courses, all types of meat dishes and medium-aged cheeses. By choosing the best vineyards and sometimes following a careful selection of the grapes, after aging for at least two years, the "Riserva" is obtained, a richer product, intensely spiced with sweet spices, full-bodied, with excellent flavor thickness, always very enveloping but with soft tannins, suitable for medium aging, to combine with savory dishes of red meats, the typical Brescia spit, many main courses of Lombardy regional cuisine.

Garda Classico Bianco

Rhenish Riesling and Italic Riesling must make up the blend for at least 80%. To the eye it is transparent and shiny, straw-colored in tone, fresh and attractive. It goes well with lake fish, shellfish, seafood, rice dishes and vegetable flans.

Extra virgin olive oil

Padenghe, Valtenesi and all of Lake Garda are also renowned for the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.


Prestigious company, for generations producer of exceptional wines that have won awards in all the most important wine competitions. The cellar is beautiful with some rooms dating back to the 16th century and exceptionally well preserved. Via Tito Speri, 28 Tel. 030/9907026

Azienda Agricola Zuliani

A company with new underground structures where you can enjoy a tasting of local and typical products. Via Pratello, 26 Tel. 030/9907005

Azienda Agricola Pratello

A company with an innovative and organic production of vegetables marmelades, extra virgin olive oil and curing of first rate Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Via Calvino, 4 Tel. 030/9900451

Azienda Agricola Calvino Gusto Supremo

Little farm restaurant with own local produce only BY RESERVATION. Open on Friday and Saturday evening. Oil, wine and agricultural produce. Via Bertanigra, 28 Località Zona umida Balosse Tel. 339 7158509 339 6632723

Azienda Agricola Terre Sparse

Production of extra virgin olive oil. Via Crocelle, 21 Tel. 333 9894690

Azienda Agricola Le Balosse